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14ft x 22ft Rectangle Above Ground Pool Winter Cover


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14ft x 22ft Rectangle Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

Cover over laps the sides of the  pool by several feet and is held in place with Bungee Cords, Not Included

Our Above Ground Pool Winter Cover  works great for keeping your pool in amazing condition during the winter months. It will also make getting your pool back into shape in the Spring even easier.

Winter Above-Ground Pool Covers are designed to prevent wind-blown dirt, debris and leaves from entering your pool, so you can get back to swimming with less hassle and faster.

Our  winter above-ground pool cover has been treated to provide maximum resistance to damaging ultraviolet rays to help it stop deterioration and increase longevity.

Our Above Ground Pool Winter Cover  is made of laminated polyethylene sheeting woven with thick, high-density polyethylene stitching ensuring superior tensile strength and durability.

Winter above-ground pool covers feature a ratchet and cable system featuring high-test vinyl-coated cable.

Protect Your Pool

The Blue Wave Gold grade cover is constructed of our strongest and most tear resistant material.

Our cover features rugged U V stabilized woven polyethylene that protects it from sun, snow, wind and ice.

It features a black underside to retard algae growth and heat sealed seams to ensure a crystal clear pool next spring.

The cover features a big 4 ft. overlap that means it will fit above ground pools with wider top rails unlike smaller 3 ft. overlap covers.

Blue Wave Gold grade cover is held secure by a heavy duty cable and winch tightener that is anchored to the cover by rip proof metal grommets.

Our rugged cover is built to last, backed by a 15-year warranty (3-years full rated). Invest in quality this fall with Blue Wave Gold.


14ft x 22ft Rectangle Above Ground Pool Winter Cover


Color Family Blues
Color/Finish Blue
Cover Material Type Solid Fabric Type Polyethylene
  • Finished Size: 6″ or 3% less than stated size
  • Fiber Thickness: 1000 denier
  • Weight: 3.5 oz/yd²
  • Mesh Count: 8×8 /in²
  • Thickness: 5-6 mils
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Grommet Spacing (all sides): 36″ approx.

Tarps are acid, mildew, and tear resistant along with having arctic flexibility and a rope reinforced hem. These tarps are perfect to have on hand in your house, car, truck, boat or RV to make sure you are enabled to handle numerous applications.