The Installation Difference: Paradise Pools

New Tech Pools are the strongest most durable pools out there. Much stronger than steel pools which have a thin vinyl liner that is easily damaged and needs to be replaced on occasion….but the benefits do not end there, they are so much more easy to install!

The Installation Difference

There is a big difference in the installation of Paradise Pools and Steel Pools

Paradise Above Ground Pools Steel Above Ground Pools
  • No small parts
  • No tools required
  • No complex installation manual
  • Very hard to mess up
  • Finished results the same every time
  • sets up in about 2 hours, not including water fill
  • Ground prep important but not extensive – no sand needed
  • Relax and enjoy your pool much faster and longer
  • Many small parts, and pieces
  • Many tools required
  • An Installation manual  that reads like a medical journal
  • Crucial steps not followed exactly can lead to big problems
  • Finished product can vary quite bit
  • need to days for set up. You don’t want to try and install the liner when you are tired and frustrated
  • Intensive ground work needed to protect the very thin and easily torn liner