The Installation Difference: Paradise Pools

The Installation Difference

There is a big difference in the installation of Paradise Pools and Steel Pools

Paradise Above Ground Pools Steel Above Ground Pools
  • No small parts
  • No tools required
  • No complex installation manual
  • Very hard to mess up
  • Finished results the same every time
  • sets up in about 2 hours, not including water fill
  • Ground prep important but not extensive – no sand needed
  • Relax and enjoy your pool much faster and longer
  • Many small parts, and pieces
  • Many tools required
  • An Installation manual  that reads like a medical journal
  • Crucial steps not followed exactly can lead to big problems
  • Finished product can vary quite bit
  • need to days for set up. You don’t want to try and install the liner when you are tired and frustrated
  • Intensive ground work needed to protect the very thin and easily torn liner