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Movie And Television Production Pools : Hollywood Pools

Movie And Television Production Pools : Hollywood Pools

Above ground pools are a great way for TV and movie production to save money and time. They are often used for underwater scenes, as well as for scenes with large numbers of people. They can be easily filled and drained, and can be easily moved around on location. Above ground pools are less expensive than inground pools and can be built quickly and easily. They are also much easier to maintain than inground pools, making them a great choice for production companies. Above ground pools can be a great addition to any production, and can help create some great scenes! And because they are “portable” They can be et up and taken down in an our or two.

Movie Production Pools

Movies that have used pools in their production

1. The Big Lebowski 

2. Jaws 

3. The Life of Pi*

4. The Book Of Eli*

5. The Shawshank Redemption 

6. 8 Mile 

7. Flight Of The Intruder*

8. Titanic 

9. Splash 

10. Rush hour 3*


Television Production Pools

TV shows that used Above Ground Pools in Their productions

* Pools we provided

1. iCarly*

2. Bones*

3. Justified* 

4. American Ninja Warrior*

5. The Big Bang Theory

6. Criminal Minds*

7. Modern Family*

8. NBC Today*

9. Good Morning America*

10. Breaking Bad

* Pools we provided

Movie And Television Production Pools : Hollywood Pools