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Custom Build Made To Order Pools



Custom Made Pools – Get A Quote by paradise pools gives you lots of options. No extra charges for custom  sizes poolbar

There is no extra charge for ordering a custom made pool.  Just pick your size, your depth, your shape and your style and we will send you a quote, usually by the next day

Custom Build Made To Order Pools
Enter in the desired width of the pool - up to 50ft
Enter the desired length of the pool up to 100ft
Choose Your Depth
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Choose from four styles of custom build made to order pools. The Liberty with the heavier frame and special “big boot” feet, or the more affordable Oasis Style. In Many Shapes and Sizes


The Following prices are from pools previously made and are  quotes as rectangle given as a reference so you can “ball park” your pool size  – To begin the order process complete the quote request above or call at 1-213-238-2894

Custom Made Pools – Get A Quote

  • Any Size from 4ft x 4ft to 40ft x 80ft
  • Many Depths 24,30,36,42,48,52 or 60in inches deep (and anything in between)
  • Round Oval Rectangle Lazy River Sizes Available
  • Any depth from 2ft to 5ft including multiple depth options

We can make almost any size pool you like. The prices quoted are the price you will pay, and the quotes are valid for 30 days. After that we will get you an updated quote when you are ready to order a pool.  It would be unusual for the prices to raise, but it is a possibility depending on timing.


Custom Pools Notice

Delivery Time for a Custom build made to order pool is @60 days. This time has been expanded to this long due to Covid 19 regulations. Our pools are made overseas and shipped into the p0rt of Long Beach, then from there directly to you.  Please note, since significant costs are incurred in the manufacturing and shipping of the pools, there are no cancellations allowed. You will be given an agreement form to sign in this regard. So please make sure of your purchase and we are happy to walk you through every choice and decision to get there

Your Pool…your way.

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Custom Made Pools – Get A Quote