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22in Waterway Sand Filter Combo 2.0hp Pump Upgrade


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22in Waterway Sand Filter Combo completes the sand filtration system with the high performance Waterway Pump and accessories.

The sand filter and pump pack provide homeowners with everything they need to get their system up and running. It assures them matched components and optimal performance with years of dependable service. The economical solution for filtering with a sand filter on an above ground pool. Designed to handle virtually all sizes and conditions.  The Waterway Sand Filter Systems will provide years of dependable filtration.


  • Complete Unit: Filter, pump, hoses and fittings in one box
  • Design: Spherical tank design evenly distributes pressure and stress
  • Filter Tank: Corrosion-proof sand filter tank
  • Valve: 7-position multi-port valve
  • Pump: Center discharge pump with leaf trap
  • Sand: Requires 150 lbs of sand
  • Volts: 115 volts
  • Filtration: 2.5 sq.ft.
  • Flow Rate: 50 GPM
  • Turnover (8-10hrs): 24,000-30,000
  • Cord Length: 3ft

22in Waterway Sand Filter Combo


Settings in excess of the recommended control setting levels for the chlorinator can result in
excess chlorine being discharged in your pool. This can result in bleaching or discoloration of
areas around the pool inlet or in some cases bleaching of the entire pool liner or paint.


  • Make sure motor is plugged in.
  • Circuit breaker in OFF position.
  • Thermal Overload in tripped position.
  • Wiring installation incorrect.
  • Incorrect line voltage.
  • Defective wiring.


  • Low voltage.
  • Wiring installation incorrect.
  • Dual voltage pumps mis-wired.
  • Inadequate ventilation.
  • NO WATER FLOW: Obstruction of suction or return line.
  • Clogged impeller.
  • Suction system air leaks.
  • Slice valve closed.
  • Clogged hose fitting.
  • Clogged basket.
  • Dirty sand.


  • Worn bearings.
  • Suction line clogged.
  • Pump incorrectly mounted.
  • Hose fitting partially closed.
  • Slice valve partially closed.
  • Clogged trap basket.


  • Sand level too low.
  • Inadequately cleaned system.
  • Excessive dirt load.
  • Chemical imbalance.
  • Inadequate system pressure.

Waterway Plastics manufactures its products and equipment in accordance with very high standards of workmanship. We use the best materials available and maintain the highest quality procedures practical in the industry. In accordance, Waterway warrants its products as follows. Warranty only applies to OEM’s and Distributor’s of Waterway.
All plastics parts such as jets, valves, skimmers, manifolds, suctions, lights and other plastic components. If manufactured by Waterway will be replaced or repaired.  Of the defects are determined by Waterway to be the responsibility of Waterway Plastics. For a period of THREE YEARS from the date of manufacture. The warranty does not cover filter cartridges, D.E. grids, O-rings, pressure gauges, pump seals, light bulbs. Or any parts not manufactured by Waterway.

22in Waterway Sand Filter Combo