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Ion Pool Sanitizer >20000 Gallons – Addon


With a Ion Pool Sanitizer >20000 Gallons you can keep your above ground pool clean and germ free without chlorine!

Thomson Tec Above Ground Pool Ionizer for pools up to 20000 Gallons

This system Sanitizes your pool with 99% less chemicals than traditional methods.  Just add a tablespoon of shock chlorine a week and your pool is clear , clean and virtually chemical free! Each system comes complete with a flow cell, control panel, transformer, anode, test kit, and installation instructions.

Ion Pool Sanitizer >20000 Gallons Features

  • The three-inch flow cells are stainless steel for long-term reliability and beauty.
  • The “tee” is on a 90° elbow flow cell for easy installation in any system.
  • Controller is a compact 3½” by 3½” by 1½”.
  • Ten models to choose from.
  • All models meet or exceed UL/CSA requirements.
  • User friendly touch pad operation.
  • Operational duty cycle metering
  • Ionization cycle indicators.
  • Electrode operation indicators.
  • Remote mount configuration.
  • Output 24VDC
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

More TruTec Features

  • Solid Stainless Steel Flow Vessel (400, 600 and 1000 MPC) The 3-inch-diameter flow vessel does not restrict water flow, and unlike most which are made of plastics, will last forever.
  • Remote Control The touch pad, with 99 electronic duty cycle settings, works on any pool or spa with great accuracy.
  • Auto Current Regulated
  • The unit works in virtually any water conditions from low to high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), with ideal conditions from 200 to 1500 parts per million.
  • Easy Fingertip Access to Anode
  • The quick mount sanitary clamp makes checking and periodic replacement of the anode a snap!
  • 2-inch Fittings
  • Install easily on pool filtering systems using either 1½” or 2″ fittings. Power 110V, 50/60hz.
  • Self Cleaning
  • Eliminates scale and debris buildup on the anode because the independent cycling maintains full power in both forward and reverse cycles.
  • Weather Tight, Potted Electronics
    These are located in the cap, where they remain cool, dry and safe from the elements, to last a lifetime.

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Part# NZ350