Above Ground Pool Timers

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This Automatic Above Ground Pool Timers for your pool’s filter operation pays for itself in energy savings in the first month. Except for during times of heavy use, most pools only need to filter for 12 hours per day. Pool timers save you money on electricity and chemicals. This rugged, weather proof timer has up to 50 settings to allow you to turn your pump on and off whenever you desire. The unit is easy to program with clear instructions.

These Portable Outdoor Timers are specially designed to control the filter pump of a portable pool or spa. They can also be used to turn ON and OFF (in off-season) outdoor decoration, engine block heaters and other appliances, indoors or outdoors.

Above Ground Pool Timers

Convenient Automatic Operation:
Saves Energy, Extends Equipment Life:
Improves Filtration Consistency:
All-Season Operation:
From -40F degrees to 104F degrees
Easy to set, flexible control
Transparent UV protection cover
Outdoor-Grade Cord:
Approved for outdoor or indoor use — 3 ft. power cord and on/off switch with ground pin
24 hour AM/PM display
48 on/off positions with 15 minute minimum setting time and 24 hour maximum setting time