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Confer Curve Pool Step


Confer Curve Pool Entry Step is available in two different Above Ground configurations. Start with either just the base step unit or expand it into a complete system at anytime with the addition of a right side curved add-on. The Curve In-pool Step can also easily be converted to an Entry System with the addition of the Ground to Step Entry Ladder.

Weight Limit:
400 lbs
Tread Width:
Tread Depth:
Riser Height::
Unit depth:
Handrail Height:
30” (from top step)
Mounting Bracket Length:
Overall Outside Width:
Complete Curve System Width:
Overall Dimensions:
38″w x 47″h (top tread) x 32″d
Treads can be installed curving inwards or outwards
Graceful sloping handrails
Gray treads with warm gray (beige) sidewalls and handrails
Deck Mounts:
Oversize deck mounting brackets to reach across any top seat
Adjustable Base Pads:
To compensate for slightly dished pool floor
Requires 40lbs of sand
Assembly Required:


  • Start with the base step unit (staircase) and then expand into a complete Curve system at any time
  • Curve system has the sweeping “wedding cake” look that many homeowners want in a pool step
  • Four tread unit is for above ground pools
  • Three tread unit is for inground pools
  • Above ground unit can be assembled with treads curving inwards or outwards depending on customer preferences
  • Eye-catching, graceful sloping handrails
  • Two tone color – grey treads with warm grey (beige) sidewalls and handrails. Complements any swimming pool!
  • Adjustable base pads to compensate for a slightly-dished pool floor
  • Can be shipped by UPS or Fed-Ex
  • Weight limit – 400 lbs.
  • Tread width – 27”
  • Tread depth – 10”
  • Riser height – 11”
  • Unit depth – 32”
  • Handrail height (from top step) – 30”
  • Height to top tread – In ground 36” – Above ground 47”
  • Mounting bracket length – 24”
  • Overall outside width – 38”
  • Complete Curve System width – 58”

Confer Curve Pool  Step