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We Know Pools Because We Make Pools

We Know Pools Because We Make Pools

When you shop paradise Pools mark, you are shopping not only a retailer, or even a wholesaler, but you are dealing with the maker of these pools. We Know Pools and we can make them in any size, in may shapes and depths, just ask us!

We Know Pools Because We Make Pools

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We offer many sizes , shapes and styles of above ground pools including the next gen Paradise Pools

With the Paradise above ground pools we can made a pool to your specifications. These pools are also much stronger than your typical above ground pool with steel walls and a thin vinyl liner. This makes them suitable for use with dogs and other wild life, as well as for commercial use.  If you don’t see the size pool you are interested in use our quote system, to get a personalized quote for a custom made pool. There is no extra charge for custom made pools.

The Best Pool Ever Made

Paradise Pools are the most durable above ground pools available on the market today. They have an extra thick, puncture resistant liner, and a heavy duty powder coated galvanized steel frame. These pools can stand up to any conditions and uses. Great for families with dogs, and for commercial use as well. Paradise above ground pools set up in about 2 hours (not including fill time)

Paradise Pools Mart Your Pool, Your Way. Choose Your Size and Shape

Hollowell Industries, Inc who has been manufacturing pools for over 35 years in the USA.

This pool is made of hot dipped galvanized steel walls strengthened with deep corrugation, molded resin covers. With 8 inch resin top ledges and 7 inch galvanized steel verticals, and universal top and bottom steel rails and plates. With the SILVER SANDS pool in your backyard you can enjoy the fun. And the freedom to use it anytime day or night. Give yourself and your family the quality time you deserve.

Paradise Pools Mart

Paradise Pools Mart
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