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10ft x 19ft Oval Above Ground Pools

10ft x 19ft Oval Above Ground Pools are only available in the new tech style 30 year warranty Paradise Pools

Oval Above Ground Pools10ft x 19ft x 52in Oval Tahitian Above Ground Pools

  • Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Frame
  • 32mm x 1.8 thick  Steel Uprights and Feet
  • 55mm x 1.8 thick Steel Top Rail
  • 35mil 0.89mm thick Multilayer Poly Liner
  • 1000 Denier
  • 23 x 23 Scrim


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We offer many sizes , shapes and styles of above ground pools, including the next gen paradise pool.   If you don’t see the size pool you are interested in use our quote system, You will get a personalized quote for a custom made pool. There is no extra charge for custom made pools from the company nwho has been manufacturing pools for over 35 years in the USA.


Paradise  Pools are the most durable above ground pools available on the market today. With an extra thick puncture resistant liners. As well as a heavy duty powder coated galvanized Paradise frame, these pools can stand up to any conditions and uses. Great for families with dogs, and for commercial use as well. Paradise above ground pools set up in about 2 hours (not including fill time) and are only available at.
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10ft x 19ft Oval Above Ground Pools

Paradise Pools Specs

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From Our Pool Information Blog

Pool Chemistry Definitions

Total Hardness

Total Hardness refers to the amount of calcium and magnesium in your pool water. When total hardness is too high, scale can form causing the water to appear cloudy. When total hardness is too low, the water will corrode metal fixtures including copper components found in gas heaters and electrical heat-pumps. The total hardness should measure 150 – 300 ppm.

10ft x 19ft Oval Above Ground Pools


Chlorine is a disinfectant designed to sanitize (kill disease-causing organisms) and oxidize (destroy ammonia, nitrogen-containing contaminants and swimmer waste). A disinfectant must be continually active in the pool water so that it may react instantaneously with bacteria, algae and other organic matter as they are introduced into the water. The level of active chlorine is called the free chlorine residual and should measure 1.5 – 3.0 ppm.

10ft x 19ft Oval Above Ground Pools

Paradise Pools Mart

Paradise Pools Mart
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