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Pool Coving


Pool CovingAll STEEL above ground pools need a cove. Read any pool manufacture’s installation instructions and you will find: “The cove is a vital structural element of your pool.” A cove is needed to keep the weight of the water in the pool liner from causing it to balloon out under the bottom of the pool wall. Previously, pool cove had to be hand built, in place, using tons of sand or dirt. Liner failures due to cove washout were all too common. Corrosion occurred rapidly where metal components, at the bottom of the pool, came in contact with moisture in the sand or dirt. Hand formed coves are uneven making cleaning difficult.

Pool Coving

Pool Cove is a 48″ long piece of foam that peels and stick to the inside base of your pool wall. This eliminates the need of having to manually build the cove out of sand. Pool Cove eliminates stress on your liner from water weight, which could cause damage to the liner.

Not sure how many strips you need, no problem. We offer Pool Cove in either single strips or pre-counted kits, just select the kit that’s right for you.

Coving Prices

Size Price
8ft 9in 64.99    –    Order
12ft 79.99    –    Order
15ft 99.99    –    Order
18ft 129.99   –   Order
21ft 139.99   –   Order
24ft 149.99   –   Order
27ft 169.99   –   Order
30ft 199.99   –   Order
33ft 209.99   –   Order
8ft x 12ft 74.99    –    Order
1oft x 15ft 89.99    –    Order
10ft x 21ft 94.99    –    Order
12ft x 18ft 109.99   –   Order
12ft x 24ft 129.99   –   Order
15ft x 24ft 139.99   –   Order
15ft x 30ft 159.99   –   Order
18ft x 33ft 189.99   –   Order
18ft x 45ft 219.99   –   Order
21ft x 41ft 219.99   –   Order


Pool Coving

  • Water Levels Chlorine Salt Ion
    Water Levels Chlorine Salt Ion. Pool water follows certain natural laws just like other thing around us.     Sanitizing  as in 1.4 chlorine and 7.4 ph  factor.  The Copper Silver unit or the Salt water generator would maintains the levels.
    • Chlorine based systems – Adding Chemicals to your pool to kill germs and algae spores
    • Salt Based Systems- Adding salt to your pool which the generator turns into Cholrine
    • Ion Water Purifiers- The water passes over a copper silver diode, to kill germs and algae spores
    You put a cup full of salt in the water and the unit will convert to chlorine .It still means there are chemicals  in the water it mean the  salt is eliminating the impureness in the water to safe levels for neutral water..  The salt you introduce to the water will create the chlorine to sanitize the water.  The Copper and Silver ion unit will sanitize the water as it passes  over the diodes as the water return to the pool on the right side of the filter we send you.  Its not the chemicals in the water its balanced water  with the salt and the diodes which ever one you choose.
    Whether you choose a chemical based or none chemical based system to keep your pool water clean you must keep a consistent watch to make sure the system is working otherwise you may subject yourself to the worst affliction of all, algae,

    Water Levels Chlorine Salt Ion


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Pool Coving

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