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Therapy and Exercise Pools

Therapy and Exercise Pools

Heater Aqua Therapy Pools

Warm water therapy pools will ease you pain and get you into life!

Caribbean Dog Pools Pools For Sale 

Exercise Pools

Being held in place by a restraint bungee will let you to swim forever!

Caribbean Dog Pools Pools For Sale

We can also custom make any size you want and depths between 24″ and 60″


Whether you’re recovering from an injury or have a condition that prevents you from participating in regular exercise, you may be worried about your activity levels.

Exercise shouldn’t feel like an tall mountain to climb, nor should you feel like you can’t reach your goals during your recovery or treatment.

Aquatic therapy is an extremely effective method of staying active while healing.

Therapy and Exercise Pools

What Is Aquatic Therapy?
Aquatic therapy is an exercise program that is conducted in the water for:

Physical rehabilitation
Relaxation; and
Therapeutic benefit
Aquatic therapy aims to bring relief to patients suffering from musculoskeletal or neuromuscular disorders or injury.

Ways you can use your therapy pool:

Underwater treadmills
Stationary bicycles
Kickboards (with Bungee restraint)
Short-tipped fins and flippers (with Bungee restraint)
Floatation rings or belts
Ankle weights
Resistance paddles and handbells
Resistance tubing or bands
Weight-adjustable barbells

Lap Pools For SaleParadise Liberty Exercise Pools For Sale are the most durable above ground pool available on the market today. Swim for a long time in short spaces with out  Swimcord System. With an extra thick, puncture resistant liner, and a heavy duty powder coated galvanized steel frame, these pools can stand up to any conditions and uses. Great for outdoor for commercial use as well. Paradise  Liberty above ground pools set up in about 2 hours (not including fill time) and have special foot bracing that make them friendly to most kinds of surfaces.  Having a flat, level and firm surface is the most important consideration for these pools. If they are put on a good surface they will last you for decades.

Pool Comparison

Therapy and Exercise Pools



If you don’t see a size you are looking for, we can custom build one for you!- Get a Quote

Heated Aqua Therapy Pools

#6: Better Balance
The water stimulates improved body awareness, stability, and balance.

Your body is getting constant feedback due to having water all around you increasing your awareness of where you are in space. Additionally, your body is supported by the water which can allow you to have increased time to react and limit any fear of falling or injury.

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