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Above Ground Pool Pad and Coving

Pool Pad And Coving

Above Ground Pool Pad and Coving

Pool Coving is:

  • Flexible and Lightweight
  • Extends Pool Life
  • Easy To Install
  • Prevents Washout and Corrosion
  • Protects Liners
  • Will Not Move Like Sand

Coving is an Integral part of every pool system, whether with sand, (not recommended)  Or our neutral poly foam permanent cove. Protect yourself from liner blow out.

 Permanent Pool Coving is a 3 inch by 4 inch preformed foam strip and is safe for use with all pool liners. Lightweight and easy to handle, Permanent Pool Coving comes in 48 inch long sections that bend easily without breaking and works with all pool brands.  The plastic backing strip locks each section of cove into the bottom rail, allowing it to move as the pool wall expands and contracts. Unlike sand or dirt, Permanent Pool Coving can not be washed out and will not hold moisture against metal components. This feature reduces corrosion and may add years of life to a pool and its components. Because Permanent Pool Coving is made from a high density foam, it will not change shape or indent, making pool cleaning easier

Above Ground Pool Pad and Coving

The manufacturers of steel pools suggest that you purchase the pad and coving together.

Pool Pad :

  • Is Easy To Install
  • Extends Liner Life
  • Insulates Pool to Prevent Heat Loss
  • Keeps a Smooth Bottom for Easier Cleaning
  • High Density Lowe Compression and stays in place

 Pool Pad Will Protect your liner for years. Made from a special high density polyethylene foam,  Pool Pad acts as a  barrier to keep  water away from metal components, reducing rust and corrosion. In addition, by adding a layer of protection between your pool liner and the ground you had puncture protection and heat retention. 

 Pool Pad is easy to install. First, roll out sections of pad and cut them one foot longer than the (biggest if oval) dimension of the pool. Next, seam enough 4 ft. wide sections together with tape to cover the (smaller if oval) dimension of the pool. 


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