Canada Shipping

Yes, We Can!

Canada Shipping

Because we are the only source for these pools, we understand the desire to have them in your country. And we can custom make them and ship them directly to you

Things to Be Aware Of

  • We will ship the pool only. The equipment, such as: pumps filters, ladders, covers et all should be bought locally. This will be more cost effective, make sure that the equipment is in accordance with Canadian regulations and will be much easier to attend to issues and service, than if they were purchased in the United States
  • The buyer will be responsible for GST, Brokerage and Customs Fees. If you do not have a customs broker, we can refer you to one.  We will provide all necessary customs paperwork and arrange the shipping to you. – Cross dock shipping for border residents can also be arranged.
  • Shipping fees into Canada will range between $550.00 – to $950.00 USD depending on the size of pool and distance.
  • All Prices given are in US Dollars. The credit card processer will take care of the conversion. If you would like to know what the pool would cost in CAD you can ask us, or click on:  Currency Converter – Bank of Canada for exchange rates.
  • Currently from order to receiving your pool is roughly 60-80 days, as the covid slow down at the port is at its worst, but everything is coming through; eventually.

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