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Commercial Pool Sanitation Standard

CommercialPool Sanitation Standard

.The Commercial Pool Sanitation Standard

The first publication of the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) has been completed. A six-year process undertaken by the Centers for Disease Control. Many industry experts to develop the uniform national standard for water quality and Recreational Water Illness (RWI) response.  The CDC states that it is “intended to transform the typical health department program into a program. A data-driven, knowledge-based, risk reduction effort to prevent disease and injuries and promote healthy recreational water experiences.”

Why should you be concerned about the MAHC?

The MAHC was conceived as a means to address growing problems with RWIs. Traditional chlorine-based disinfection routes have not been sufficient enough to keep these outbreaks in check. With the public’s over-reliance on chlorine, the industry has seen an increase in chloramines and other chlorine byproducts.  Such as swimmer’s asthma. One of the goals of the MAHC is to validate secondary disinfection options. Options such as ozone and UV light, which are safe and effective against chlorine-resistant pathogens.

How does DEL Ozone fit in?

Primary disinfection methods are traditionally completed with the use of chemicals such as chlorine and bromine, but with the rise of RWIs secondary disinfection methods are necessary to ensure complete sanitary swimming conditions. DEL’s own Beth Hamil was an essential member of the MAHC Disinfection & Water Quality Technical Committee utilizing years of ozone experience to recognize ozone and UV light as the secondary disinfection standard for aquatic sanitation.

Commercial Pool Sanitation Standard

While UV light inactivates contaminants as it passes through the chamber, it pales in comparison to continuously. Generated ozone which instantly oxidizes pathogens, organics, chloramines, and on-contact killing of crypto, regardless of water turbidity. Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer in nature, providing a wide spectrum disinfection that goes far beyond UV in effectiveness. DEL Ozone systems properly meet all of the conditions outlined in the code and are approved Secondary Disinfection Systems which eliminate RWIs and control chloramines levels.

ANSI-Accredited third-party testing certification

3 log (99.9%) inactivation of Cryptosporidium parvum in sidestream-applied single pass in full flow

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