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Dog Daycare Pools Video

Dog Day Care Pools video

Dog Daycare Pools Video

Dog daycare pools  Video. These pools are exactly the same as all of our other dog pools, except that they come with an extra strong filter to handle the multiple dog load. These pools are a great addition to any dog daycare center and are a great way for draining the excess energy from pups that can lead them to misbehave. It is a great marketing point for  your center and if you use the copper silver ion water purifier with the pool, you can advertise 99% chemical free!

Dog Pools

Paradise Above Ground Dog Pools are used in many variations, For family dog pools, for dog daycare centers, dog dog jumping competition and more. Let your imagination be your guide. As always if you don’t see the size pool you are asking for, get a quote! (and make sure you note in the comments that it is for an above ground pools for dogs)

Dog Daycare Pools Video

Comes With:

  • Extra Strong Filter
  • Ramp
  • Ladder
  • Skimmer
  • Hoses
  • Connections
  • Multiple Dog Filter System

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