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In Ground Above Ground Pool Installation

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Inground Above Ground Pool Installation (steel)

In Ground Above Ground Pool Installation

Above Ground Pools are a great option for anyone . Whether want a  large pool for the entire family to enjoy, or personal get away, we’ve got you covered! But before you buy a pool it is good to understand the basics.

Installing an Above Ground Pool can be done quickly if you’re plan ahead Here we have listed the some of the steps of installing a In Ground above ground pool successfully.

What tools do I need to build my pool?

  • Tape Measure
  • Landscape Stakes and C-Clamps (optional)
  • Duct Tape
  • Shovel
  • Sand (No sand for paradise pools please, they do not need it)
  • Skimmer/Return Fitting
  • Carpenter’s Level and/or Transit (optional)
  • Patio Blocks 2″x8″x16″ (1 per each bottom plate)
  • Box Cutter
  • 5/16 Wrench (n0t needed for paradise pools)
  • 1/4 Wrench (n0t needed for paradise pools)

Where should I install my new pool?

To begin, organize your tools and above ground pool parts. For the pool location, locate a large and flat area in your yard that is big enough to accommodate your above ground pool. If you are installing an In Ground above ground pool, keep in mind that it may have braces on each side (which may add 2’-3’ feet). Before digging, check for utility lines and underground obstructions. Check with your local offices to make sure you follow all the regulations

In Ground Above Ground Pool Installation

Do not assemble your pool on asphalt, tar or oil base surfaces.

Things to avoid:

  • All electrical wires
  • All gas lines
  • Septic tanks
  • Cesspools
  • Dry wells
  • Tree roots and stumps
  • Buried debris (trees, building material, etc.)
  • Sudden slopes within 6′ of pool area

Measure the your area for

In Ground Above Ground Pool Installation

Now, we will mark the area where the pool will be built. To find the center point, measure off of an existing object (like a wall or fence) and mark where you want that wall in relation to the pool. Now, measure 1/2 the width of the pool and stake the tape measure at that point.

It is a best practice to pull the tape measure to the radius measurement PLUS 1 extra foot. This will give you a little extra room for error. Now, place the marker on the center and walk all the way around in a circle, tracing the perimeter with spray chalk.

Level the ground

The ground may have been affected by clearing out the sod and roots, so it’s necessary to even out the installation area. Use a leveler to find the highest points in the installation area and dig to level it out with the lower points. Always dig down from the high areas versus building up the low areas. This will help prevent problems in the future.

In Ground Above Ground Pool Installation

For more information on how Install an above Ground Pool. Watch the video

Or check out this sample Installation Manual

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