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Inground Pool Kits

Grecian Inground Pools

 Inground pool kits. If you are looking to install your own vinyl liner pool then you can consider purchasing a vinyl liner  pool kit. Steel wall pools are perfect for colder climates  and polymer pools are great for  other areas where a high water table and moisture is a problem

Inground Pool Kits

Grecian Inground Pools

Grecian Inground Pool Kits

Oval Inground Pool Kits

Oval Inground Pool Kits

Rectangle 6in Radius Inground Pool Kits

Riviera Inground Pools

Riviera Inground Pool Kits


Package Details

Included With All Packages Basic, Deluxe And Premium

  • Dig Sheets
  • Installation Manual
  • Installation Phone Support
  • Pool Walls and Bracing
  • Coping
  • Liner
  • Hardware Kit
  • Deep End Ladder
  • Skimmer & Returns
  • Pump and Filter
  • Maintenance Kit
  • 2 Anti-Vortex Main Drains
  • Safety Rope and Anchors

Also Included With Deluxe Packages

  • Walk-in Steps w/Rail

Also Included with Premium Packages

  • Walk-in Steps w/Rail
  • Step Jets
  • 500 Watt Light
  • Plumbing Kit
  • 100ft Flex Hose


Download Installation Manual

This is a time lapse video of our vinyl pool installation, shot with a Wyze camera. Pool was installed by S&S Pools in Moore, OK.




Steel Inground Riveted Pool Wall System Panels are made from 14 gauge steel with G235 (Z720) galvanized coating. Both straight and curved wall panels have 7 strategically located holes at both ends ensuring positive and accurate alignments. The ends of each panel are made with a recessed end making for a seamless panel connection. The over lap end of each panel is fastened with our Press-lock™ fastening system. Wall braces are added and secured in place using our Rivet-lock™ system which rigidizes and stabilizes each panel.

Inground Pool Kits

Rivet-lock™ and Press-lock™ systems represent our industry’s state of the art method of manufacturing, replacing the old welded systems. The patented Rivet-lock™ and Press-lock™ fastening systems do not destroy the integrity of the galvanized coating.

Our unique heavy-duty notched adjustable “A” frame ensures perfect alignment. Manufactured from the same 14 gauge galvanized steel used in our pool walls. This emphasis on strength assures that you receive a structurally sound Precision Pool Products pool. Optional Deck Support System — The Precision Pool Products single, double “A” or box deck support systems were engineered to support the deck around the pool. This system also adds additional rigidity to the pool walls.

Inground Pool Kits

Install an inground pool system in your own backyard today! Easy to install and very affordable, you can turn a plain backyard into a summer wonderland. Each pool system has engineered dig specs available upon request, making it easier for you to get permits for your local area. These pool systems are built to last and with a lifetime transferable warranty you know you are covered. Don’t spend another summer sweating in the heat or paying to swim in a public pool when you can have your own pool right at home!

We at National Pool Wholesalers pride ourselves on on shipping your items fast and accurately. Most items we sell are in stock in our 66,000 sqft warehouses, or at one of our partner warehouses across the country. Multiple warehouses make sure that you get your products in a timely manner.

Inground Pool Kits

Our online systems are created with great care to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience to protect your private information. Our customer service system guides you through the process or most any issue you may encounter to ensure a speedy and complete overall experience.

  • Sanitizing Pool Water

    Sanitizing Pool Water : Sanitization comes from adding chemicals to your water that are antibacterial in nature. You can choose to use  Chlorine, Baquacil or other methods, such as salt water generators. You mst ve sure that all levels are maintained to ensure healthy water levels

    The most commonly used method of sanitizing pools is application of chlorine.

    You should insure that the continuous chlorine level should be kept between 1.0 – 3.0 ppm (parts per million) for proper sanitation. Stabilized chlorinating products come in several forms including 1″ and 3″ tablets, sticks, granules and floaters.

    Bromine is also an effective sanitizer and offer low-odor sanitation at higher temperatures, and are ideal for spa and hot tub applications.

    You can apply these products in many ways, in liquid, tablet, or granules.   You can apply them through floats, through the filtering system or by adding directly. The important thing is to keep the proper levels at all times

    Shocking Your Above Ground Pools

    The final step in the process is to shock the pool. The addition of shock products breaks down the chloramines and destroys them. When there are organic products in the pool, chloramines can occur. Organic compounds can be things such as suntan oils, cosmetics, perspiration, etc. These things combine with the chlorine residual in your pool water.

    The resulting chloramines provide no sanitizing function and can cause problems like:

    • strong chlorine odor
    • cloudy water,
    • eye irritation,
    • feed bacteria and algae

    Weekly applications of Shock will reduce the chloramines (and the chlorine smell)  and keep your pool  functioning at top levels.

    Use with care (as with all chemicals) and disperse them around the pool.  Do not dump it all in one place. We do not recommended to pre-dissolve the shock in a bucket of water, as you will have in your hands a HIGHLY caustic substance

    Paradise Pools Mart


    Paradise Pools Mart – Sanitizing Pool Water

    Poolife Care Guide

    Sanitizing Pool Water

Paradise Pools Mart

Paradise Pools Mart
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