Algae In Above Ground Pools

Algae In Above Ground Pools is a problem that must be handled immediately before it gets out of control. Unless you want to grow algae. Algae are tiny plants that live in water and can bloom in a short time as their environment allows. Above Ground Pools are no strangers to  algae , which can form when there is plentiful sunshine, and food. The trick to controlling algae is to control it’s environment.

 Algae In Above Ground Pools

There are 3 main types of algae that are usually found in pool and spa water:
1. GREEN ALGAE – This type of algae floats in the water or forms on the sides of the pool or spa and appears dusty green.  If it goes to far it may completely obscure the water.
2. YELLOW ALGAE – Also called “Mustard Algae” because of the mustard color, appears as yellow powder deposits usually on the shady sides of the walls.
3. BLACK ALGAE – This type of algae also appears as a Blue-Green color and forms very adhesive inch or so size  spots on pool  surfaces.

How to Treat

When proper chlorination levels are maintained in your pool algae cannot form, Once algae does appear though normal levels of chlorine may not control it. Once algae is established you must treat the water with 30 PPM of Free Chlorine. This kills the algae and destroys the organic waste left behind.
Make sure the pump, filter and Chlorinator are working properly. Run pump continuously for 24 hours and then sweep thoroughly. Do not use the Pool or Spa until all chemical levels are back to normal and the water is crystal clear.

Once Algae has a foothold in your pool you must get aggressive with it to defeat it.

 Algae In Above Ground Pools

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