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Custom Made Above Ground Pools Las Vegas Nevada

Custom Above Ground Pools Albuquerque

Custom Made Above Ground Pools Las Vegas Nevada

Custom Made Pools Info by paradise pools gives you lots of options!

  1. Choose Your Shape: 

Custom Made Above Ground Pools Info

Custom Made Pools Info

Custom Made Above Ground Pools Info

2. Choose Your Style

Custom Made Above Ground Pools Info

Custom Made Pools Info

3. Choose Your Size

We can make any size pool 

  • The Smallest Width  4ft
  • The Largest Width 50ft
  • The Smallest Length 4ft
  • The Largest Length 80ft
  •  The Shallowest Height 24in
  • The Deepest Height 60in



 To begin the order process, complete the quote request above or call at 1-213-238-2894

  • Any Size from 4ft x 4ft to 50ft x 80ft
  • Many Depths 24,30,36,42,48,52 or 60in inches deep (and anything in between)
  • Round Oval Rectangle Lazy River Sizes Available
  • Any depth from 2ft to 5ft including multiple depth options

We can make almost any size pool you like. The prices quoted are the price you will pay, and the quotes are valid for 30 days. After that we will get you an updated quote when you are ready to order a pool.  It would be unusual for the prices to raise, but it is a possibility depending on timing.

Pool Videos

Custom Pool Options


Custom Pool Video

Custom Made Pools Info


  • Sanitizing Pool Water

    Sanitizing Pool Water : Sanitization comes from adding chemicals to your water that are antibacterial in nature. You can choose to use  Chlorine, Baquacil or other methods, such as salt water generators. You mst ve sure that all levels are maintained to ensure healthy water levels

    The most commonly used method of sanitizing pools is application of chlorine.

    You should insure that the continuous chlorine level should be kept between 1.0 – 3.0 ppm (parts per million) for proper sanitation. Stabilized chlorinating products come in several forms including 1″ and 3″ tablets, sticks, granules and floaters.

    Bromine is also an effective sanitizer and offer low-odor sanitation at higher temperatures, and are ideal for spa and hot tub applications.

    You can apply these products in many ways, in liquid, tablet, or granules.   You can apply them through floats, through the filtering system or by adding directly. The important thing is to keep the proper levels at all times

    Shocking Your Above Ground Pools

    The final step in the process is to shock the pool. The addition of shock products breaks down the chloramines and destroys them. When there are organic products in the pool, chloramines can occur. Organic compounds can be things such as suntan oils, cosmetics, perspiration, etc. These things combine with the chlorine residual in your pool water.

    The resulting chloramines provide no sanitizing function and can cause problems like:

    • strong chlorine odor
    • cloudy water,
    • eye irritation,
    • feed bacteria and algae

    Weekly applications of Shock will reduce the chloramines (and the chlorine smell)  and keep your pool  functioning at top levels.

    Use with care (as with all chemicals) and disperse them around the pool.  Do not dump it all in one place. We do not recommended to pre-dissolve the shock in a bucket of water, as you will have in your hands a HIGHLY caustic substance

    Paradise Pools Mart


    Paradise Pools Mart – Sanitizing Pool Water

    Poolife Care Guide

    Sanitizing Pool Water

Paradise Pools Mart

Paradise Pools Mart
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Custom Made Above Ground Pools

Las Vegas Nevada is known for its innovation and our Paradise Custom Made Above Ground Pools are perfect for mountain dogs. Because they set up and take down fast (or you can leave them up all winter). Your state is one of our busiest states and lots of your neighbors have our pools in your back yard. We have logistic centers all over, especially right in the heart of Las Vegas Nevada We would like you one of our customers and we appreciate you and stand ready to serve all of your above ground pool needs

Custom Made Above Ground Pools Las Vegas Nevada

Above Ground Pools In Los Angeles CaliforniaWe have a distribution center in Las Vegas Nevada and we can ship anything to your door, in a matter of days. We ship all around the country and we deliver in your area ,Paradise Pools Ships From Long Beach And Compton Colorado, Chicago IL, Okeechobee Florida, and Saint  Louis Missouri

Las Vegas Nevada is home to many Custom Made Above Ground Pools .  And we know you would love to have one of ours in your backyard or business.

Custom Made Above Ground Pools Las Vegas Nevada

Our Distribution Center is not open to the public and the pools do not arrive there until after they are ordered, We will ship everything to your curbside

Distribution Center

4485 E Lone Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89115
Paradise Pools Mart

Paradise Pools Mart
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From Our Pool Information Blog

  • Keeping Your Above Ground Swimming Pools Looking New

    Keeping Your Above Ground Swimming Pools Looking New

    A well-built and well-maintained pool will last for years. But after a while, even the best care will not prevent a pool from showing signs of age.

    An old pool, or even a poorly maintained pool, is not a lost investment. A few repairs or simple refurbishings may be all that is needed. If major work is called for, you’ll probably want a pool contractor to do it for you.

    Repairing Cracks

    In-ground cement or gunite pool walls may crack from earth movements under the shell or around the deck. Hairline cracks are easily repaired with a small amount of plaster, caulking compound or epoxy putty once you lower the water below the damaged area.

    Check the extent of the crack. Large cracks may indicate a serious problem, possibly from soil movement or poor drain-age. If a large crack should appear, it may be necessary to drain the pool and you’ll want to consult a pool professional.

    Keeping Your Above Ground Swimming Pools Looking New

    Replastering Concrete Pools

    For best appearance, concrete pools should be replastered about every 10 to 15 years or repainted every 3 to 5 years. This is because daily contact with pool chemicals and changing water temperatures often cause flaking or chipping. Slight damage can be buffed and patched or painted over. In areas where mineral content or water hardness is excessive, it may be necessary to replaster sooner.

    Mending a Vinyl Liner

    Most tears or punctures arc easily repaired by the pool owner. Some vinyl companies even offer underwater patching kits, so you don’t need to drain the pool for repairs. If you observe any tears longer than 2 to 3 inches you should consider them to be serious. If the repair is very costly to fix, it may be better to replace rather than repair the liner.

    Repairing Fiberglass Surfaces

    Although this material is strong and durable, after time the smooth finish may fade, chip or discolor. If this occurs, your warranty as many manufacturers cover surface deterioration. If the damage is small, patching the area may be all that is necessary, For larger areas, you may have to recoat the entire pool. A simple coat of epoxy paint may improve the appearance of an older fiberglass shell. Always follow manufacturers’ recommended procedures.

    Tile Care

    Tile trim along the inner edge of a pool can be very sensitive to shifts in the soil, and it can crack or pop off. You can use stronger glue to re-lay the tile, but if there is actual structural damage, some excavation and rebuilding

    Keeping Your Above Ground Swimming Pools Looking New

    Paradise Pools Mart

    Paradise Pools Mart
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