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Starting Up Your Above Ground Swimming Pools

Pool Water Chemistry Definitions

Starting Up Your Above Ground Swimming Pools

  1. Fill Pool and prime pump, add D.E. if desired
  2. And Sun Scale and Iron Remover. This helps prevent staining corrosion or scaling on pool and equipment
  3. Add Sun Clarifier (as per instructions) This condenses small particles for easier filtration
  4. Add Sun Conditioner, 8oz. per 1000 gallons (dissolve in a pail of warm water first)
  5. run Filter All night to completely filter and circulate the water.
  6. Shock the Pool with Sun Burn or Sun Granular Chlorine per instruction. Always pre-dissolve chlorine before adding to a vinyl liner pool. Pour in return outlet to circulate quickly. This helps to oxidize organic material.
  7. Add Sun Tablets (sticks) Use a floater or auto-chlorinator . We de not recommend putting tablets in skimmer as this promotes corrosion of filter parts and can damage liners.
  8. Add Sun Algaecide as per instructions.
  9. Check pH using a test kit and adjust using sun minus or sun plus. adjust with small quantities and check in an hour
  10. In one week have water tested.

Starting Up Your Above Ground Swimming Pools

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Starting Up Your Above Ground Swimming Pools