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Winterizing Your Above Ground Swimming Pools

Winterizing Your Above Ground Swimming Pools

Winterizing Your Above Ground Swimming Pools

Pool Care in Colder Climates

In almost every climate, some precautions should be taken to winterize your pool. This may mean simply washing off pool equipment and accessories and storing them under cover, or it may mean closing down the pool.

Simple Winterizing

In some climates, you will probably keep your pool filled, continuing routine maintenance on a reduced schedule. Run the filter for half the time you normally would in the summer season, check the pH level and chlorinate only once a week. Pool covers help keep the pool clean and the pool water and chemicals from evaporating. Check with your local NSPI pool professional for special advice that applies to your area.
Closing the Pool

Winterizing Your Above Ground Swimming Pools

Only a few pools need to be drained during the winter. In fact, many pools fare cold temperatures better when partially filled with water as a buffer. A drained pool can also crack or pop out of the ground because of pressure from ground water. Your NSPI builder can give you guidelines to follow if you must drain your pool.

If you close your pool, keep these things in mind:

Get your water balanced properly to prevent stains, scaling and algae growth. Put in an extra dose of sanitizer to help keep the pool clean and algae free.

Thoroughly clean and vacuum the pool. Drain below the skimmer inlet lines or in heavy freeze areas, below the return lines and then plug the lines.
Close valves on the skimmer.

Make sure water does not accumulate and freeze in skimmers.

Clean and backwash the filter.

Drain all water in the heater, filter, pump and piping system. Remove the pump motor and store in a dry place.

Turn off all power to the support equipment and remove fuses or turn the circuit breakers to OFF.

Winterizing Your Above Ground Swimming Pools

If you have a slide or diving board, take it off and store it.

Cover the pool and plug all openings.

Store chemicals in a cool dry place.

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